Spiritus Christi Prison Outreach provides over 5,500 "safe harbor nights" a year to men and women who had been incarcerated, and help them to successfully rebuild their lives.


Every gift makes an impact and your support makes a difference every hour of every day.


SCPO Wish Lists


Jennifer House


New pots and pans

Printer/copier for PC


Book shelf

Recovery movies (DVD)

Daily Planners

Journals, Pens, Pencils



Pillows/ pillow cases

Comforters and sheet sets (twin size)

Towels (Body & face)

Women’s socks, slippers, panties and bras

Women's toiletries 

Walmart/Wegman's Gift Cards (for food and gifts for women)



Nielsen House


Baseball bats, gloves

Free weights, barbells

Comforters and sheet sets (twin size)

Towels and washcloths

Men’s socks and underwear

Men’s toiletries

Alarm clocks



Food (non-perishables)




Items can be dropped off at the houses or at the Spiritus Christi Offices, 121 N. Fitzhugh St. For more information call Jennifer House at 288-1074 or Nielsen House at 328-0801. Thank you!